Cecilia Pienaar

Botanical Artist

Cecilia resides in Robertson in the Western Cape. She derives much of her inspiration from her beautiful indigenous garden tended by her husband Etienne, who ensures that she is surrounded by countless exquisite examples all year round.

Cecilia at home in her garden.

Cecilia currently has 77 original watercolour paintings on view in her gallery. While some have been sold at local and  international exhibitions, she keeps high resolution scans of all her work. Paintings can be viewed alphabetically in her catalogue where her botanical prints, cards, bookmarks, calendars, framed miniatures and mugs can also be viewed.

Please contact Cecilia for any information regarding prices and availability.

Cecilia's expertise is not exclusive to botanical art. Her biography gives an insight into her rich and diverse artistic training and experience over many years. In an effort to represent a plant accurately on paper, Cecilia examines and analyses her specimens with great care before she starts painting. But it is her innate artistry which finally brings her work to life.